Soon, reverb will be legal all across the USA.  They say that the use of reverb can be fun, but sometimes if too much reverb is used, musicians may later find themselves eating enormous bowls of Cheerios or ice cream and then falling asleep watching Ren and Stimpy reruns on TV.  WARNING:  Habitual overuse of reverb may cause an unsuspecting victim to start hanging out in Tremolo Bars and, in rare cases, experimenting with Vacuum Tubes.

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Got a few minutes? Check out these clips; a couple of live gigs and a radio interview:
Sultans of Swing
(Dire Straits)
American Saturday Night
(Brad Paisley)

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Plan your event knowing that the music is one thing you won't have to worry over; whether a party, corporate function, outdoor/beach/island get-together, restaurant, club or coffeehouse. Based in East Central Florida, I can travel to anywhere in the Sunshine State - and beyond. Say where; I'll play there!

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